Moonchild: A Do-It-Yourself Trio Glows at the Cape Town Jazz Fest, and on the Checkout

Mar 30, 2019

Moonchild consists of three self-professed "jazz school nerds" from Los Angeles, but their music is where silky-smooth R&B meets engrossing dream pop. 

They met while playing together on tour in a horn section. Then, one luminous night, they were stargazing on a friend’s lawn and decided to form their own trio, which required each member to become a multi-instrumentalist.


Amber Navran sings and plays tenor saxophone and flute. Andris Mattson plays trumpet, keys, and synth bass. Max Bryk plays alto sax, keyboard, and clarinet.  

On this edition of My Music on The Checkout, Max Byrk says: “We decided we didn’t really need a band. We could produce and record and do everything, and be the horn section, so that was the foundation.”

Moonchild will perform on the Basil “Manenberg” Coetzee stage this Saturday at the 19th annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

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