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WBGO's new Patron Circle!

WBGO launches its new Patron Circle Membership
Diane DePaolis/WBGO

WBGO launches its new Patron Circle membership


It’s true that Membership has its privileges, but being a financial supporter of a Public Media Cultural Institution like WBGO is in a way its own reward.
The invaluable and varied services that WBGO shares with its many constituents, including of course, this great music we all love, provide calm, energy, inspiration, and thoughtfulness, at a time when a respite from life’s challenges is welcome and comforting.

The public in public media is YOU, and it is only through your financial support that WBGO gets to be here, for and with you, whenever you need us.

Every donation to us matters, but there is a special group of individuals who bridge the gap between – people who are members at our entry level ($60 annually), or at our most popular monthly contribution levels: $10; $15; $20/month – and those extra generous philanthropic supporters, our Jazz Leadership Society.

For those who give annually at a total of $500 to $1,199, we are proud and excited to announce the introduction of WBGO’s Patron Circle as a heartfelt expression of our deep gratitude for their essential role in keeping WBGO strong and growing.

In addition to Membership benefits, those in the Patron Circle will enjoy:

· Exclusive access to quarterly events at one of New York City’s premiere music venues, The Jazz Gallery, as part of an exciting new partnership WBGO is forging with this renowned club.

· Invitations to The Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City for their Sunday Brunch Series, another collaborative effort with WBGO

· Complimentary tickets to select musical & cultural events throughout the year

· Concierge service from our Development Department for the invitations and other information you’ll receive via E-mail.

Please join the hundreds of individuals who are already giving at these levels, both as monthly contributors and through their lump sum Annual gifts.

Are you already a Patron Circle contributor who has the means to increase your already generous support of WBGO? Please consider joining WBGO’s Jazz Leadership Society. For more info, please visit: Jazz Leadership Society | WBGO.

Whether giving as part of our Patron Circle or JLS, please note the multiple non-cash options available to you in making charitable contributions to WBGO, which maximize certain tax benefits. For more info, please click here: Ways to Give.

If you have any questions or require additional information about joining the Patron Circle or the JLS, please contact John Newcott, Director of Individual Giving, at (973) 643-4302 or jnewcott@wbgo.org or Carmen Balentine, Individual Giving Associate, at (973) 624-8880 ext.293 or cbalentine@wbgo.org

Your generous and continued financial support truly means the world to us.