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Matching Gifts

Imagine if you could double your gift to WBGO! Many companies will match their employees’ charitable contributions, doubling the impact of these generous individual gifts. Some companies even match the contributions of retirees!

Procedures to apply for matching funds vary by company, but WBGO is here to help every step of the way. If you are an employed or retired contributor to WBGO, and your gifts are not currently being matched, please reach out and let’s see if we can help you get those matching funds!

Click here to see a list of companies from whom we are receiving Matching Gifts.

If your company is not on the list, let us know.

If your company IS on the list and you’re not getting your gifts matched (or if you’re not sure), let us know!

Email us at matchinggifts@wbgo.org or call us at 973-642-1936.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!