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Pianist Joey Alexander Brings His Trio, Plenty of Poise and Some New Tunes to Morning Jazz

If you’re like me, words like “poise,” “polish,” “assurance” and “maturity” were not legitimate self-descriptive terms when you were 16.

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Domenica Tello

New York City’s Winter JazzFest stretches to Brooklyn for the first time this year — arguably offering its best punch of innovative programming, with artists like Kneebody and Daedelus both performing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as a part of tomorrow’s marathon.

The 2019 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll

Jan 14, 2020

Below are the results of NPR Music's 7th Annual Jazz Critics Poll (my 14th, going back to the poll's beginnings in the Village Voice). 2019's results provided surprise after surprise. The only predictable winner was in Latin Jazz: Miguel Zenon's Sonero, the alto saxophonist's fifth victory in this category. But Eric Dolphy's Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions upset a "new" John Coltrane album in Reissue/Discovery. Relative newcomer Jazzmeia Horn's Love and Liberation won in Vocal.

The road to jazz stardom once ran straight through Miles Davis. You introduced yourself to audiences as a member of Miles's band, and they knew who you were and what you could do when you formed your own. The lone alternative route was via John Coltrane or Art Blakey. No more — and not just because those patriarchs are gone and no one who's come along since has achieved similar name recognition among the general public.

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New Jersey will offer $5,000 rebates to drivers who buy electric cars and $500 to people who install charging equipment in their home, in a bid to accelerate the nascent industry and move the state toward a 100% clean energy economy.

Gov. Phil Murphy, who signed the law Friday, said switching from gas-powered to electric vehicles is key to fighting climate change in a state where the transportation sector accounts for more than 40% of greenhouse gas emissions.

New Jersey will eliminate surcharges on motor vehicle violations, which defendants are required to pay in addition to court-imposed fines and penalties.

Lawmakers and defense attorneys said New Jersey was one of just four states that levy additional surcharges on defendants for infractions like unsafe or drunk driving, a practice they suggested disproportionately impacts poorer residents.

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Playwright Jewelle Gomez was one of the lucky people who got to see jazz and blues singer and songwriter Alberta Hunter perform at The Cookery in Greenwich Village, New York.

Gomez was so inspired by Hunter's music and life that eventually she wanted to write about the legend who had a successful career from the early 1920s to the late 1950s, and then stopped performing.  Then in 1977, after twenty years of working as a nurse, Alberta Hunter successfully resumed her popular singing career until her death.

On this month's Newark Today host Michael Hill will be joined by Mayor Ras Baraka and Deputy Mayor for Economic and Housing Development Allison Ladd to discuss efforts around development and equitable growth outside of the city's downtown district. We will be taking calls LIVE at 844-677-9283 Thursday january 16th at 8pm. 

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