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Russell Hall is a graduate of Julliard, and an acclaimed bassist and activist from Kingston, Jamaica. Although he has yet to assume citizenship in the United States, he feels there is so much at stake in this year's election.

Leslie Frempong

Angel Bat Dawid, the Chicago-based clarinetist, composer and singer, has been embarked on a journey.

On this My Music edition of The Checkout, she shares some of that experience — from her upbringing with missionary parents in Kenya to the thrill of meeting creative role model Henry Threadgill. We’ll hear music from The Oracle, her acclaimed 2019 debut — along with sounds from her hero Yusef Lateef, the autophysiopsychic musician whose centennial we observed this year.


"I was a joyous child, if I ever was a child," utters Kassa Overall as he walks along the shores of his hometown of Seattle in the video for "I Think I'm Good." The ri

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Cuomo Calls Feds Vaccine Plan 'Highly Inefficient'

1 hour ago
Wikimedia Commons

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo calls the federal government’s vaccination distribution plan highly inefficient.

Cuomo got an update from the White House coronavirus task force and says the federal government’s plan is to give the private sector, pharmacies and providers the vaccination and pay them to administer it. “I think it’s deeply flawed," he said, because it does not give states funding for a supplemental network.

Cuomo Says Hot Spot Schools Can Reopen With Testing

1 hour ago
Wikimedia Commons

Governor Cuomo is allowing schools in coronavirus hot spots in New York State to reopen with coronavirus testing requirements.

Right now schools in red and orange zones in parts of New York City and Rockland and Orange counties are closed because of high infection rates.

Cuomo says they can reopen so long as all students and staff get a coronavirus test beforehand and the schools agree to random weekly testing reaching 25% of the school population.

Lines for Early Voting Provide Business for a Pro

1 hour ago
Wikimedia Commons

There’s been long lines for early voting in New York City but there’s a guy being paid to save spots.

From Broadway tickets to I-phone model debuts, Robert Samuel’s full time job for years has been to hold spots in line. “There are very few days pre-pandemic that we don’t have anything to wait for. There’s always something in New York City, whether it’s something to eat, something to see, something to experience.”

New Jersey reported another 1,477 of coronavirus Thursday, bringing the state’s cumulative total since the pandemic began to 234,547 recorded infections.

Another eight people died from complications of COVID-19. There have now been 14,539 lab-confirmed deaths as well as 1,793 probable fatalities.

Of all the coronavirus tests administered on Oct. 25, 6.54% were positive.

The rate of transmission was 1.25, meaning for every 100 people who test positive, the virus was spreading to another 125.

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