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Wallace Roney, who died on March 31 of complications from the coronavirus, paid a visit to Salon Sessions just last fall.

Vincent Soyez

Like the rest of us, Fred Hersch has had his social life upended in recent weeks.

So his ongoing series of digital singles, Fred Hersch & Friends, might seem a bit like dispatches from a distant land. Still, because it chronicles Hersch’s longstanding penchant for musical duets, the series can be understood as a tribute to the essential human connection that binds us, even now.

Shahar Azran

Ella Fitzgerald and The Apollo Theater — the two iconic names have been entwined since the dawn of her performing career, when she stepped out of obscurity to win the Apollo’s fabled Amateur Night on Nov. 21, 1934.

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  New York State has more than 102-thousand people that have tested positive for coronavirus.  The death toll is nearing three-thousand as of Friday.   New York City has more than 57-thousand cases.

With hospital equipment dangerously low, Governor Cuomo is authorizing the borrowing of extra supplies like protective equipment and ventilators. from private medical facilities in the state and then deploying them where there is a need.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced 4,372 new COVID-19 cases Friday, bringing the state’s total number of cases to 29,895.

The governor also announced 113 new deaths as a result of the illness, increasing the state’s death toll to 646 total fatalities.

N.J. receives small number of faulty ventilators from federal stockpile

Coronavirus continues to spread as numbers keep rising in New York State.  Every single county has at least one case.  There are more than 92 thousand known cases in New York State with the death toll now topping 23-hundred as of Thursday.   

The latest set of models show coronavirus cases peaking in 7 to 30 days. Governor Cuomo explains why it’s such a wide range.

“It depends on how that model rates how effective social distancing is” 


The number of coronavirus cases keeps climbing with New York State now at nearly 84 thousand with more than half of those in New York City.  There are more than 19-hundred coronavirus deaths in the state as of Wednesday. Governor Andrew Cuomo is now closing down all New York City playgrounds.

 “I warned people that if if they didn’t stop the density and the games in the playgrounds.  You can’t play basketball.  Uh You can’t come in contact with each other.”


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