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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

WBGO is a culturally significant and influential media organization and as such we recognize jazz and its genesis within the African American experience as an emblem of the diversity, equity, and inclusion pursuant to our mission. We are compelled to convey the music’s legacy and its impact on the world at-large.

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are cornerstones of our foundation and the fulcrum of our success, and we adhere to the ideal that respect for difference is primary and that we are stronger because of our differences. WBGO must be free of all forms of bias or discrimination, while recognizing the full spectrum of backgrounds and perspectives that make up the communities in which we serve.

WBGO celebrates all ethnicities, races, gender identifications, ages, sexual orientations, ableness, languages, nationalities, and religions. This multiplicity supports our effort to create a healthy and thriving workplace where we all contribute to an invaluable and indelible service for our constituency.

WBGO has zero tolerance for any acts or ideas that contradict our efforts toward equity or inclusion. We are committed to cultivating open and honest conversations without judgement or retribution. We encourage mutual respect, compassion and understanding to eliminate barriers to personal and professional development.

Embodying the positive spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion must be a core value for all who work for or with WBGO, as champions of music discovery, independent, fact-based news reporting, intelligent discourse, the African American experience, and as steadfast advocates for the communities in which we live and work.