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Become an Underwriter
Are you a business owner or artist looking to expand your customer base? Is your focus on bringing your product, service or talent to the attention of a loyal, educated and diverse audience? Become a WBGO underwriter and connect with an ever-expanding community of passionate listeners and viable consumers. Our expert underwriting team is ready to create a targeted plan to suit your needs: one that will increase your visibility and deliver your message while acknowledging your very important support of public radio.

For over 35 years WBGO has provided the tri-state area with a unique listening experience, resulting in a substantial, devoted following of nearly 300,000 traditional listeners plus thousands more who access our programming via the internet. WBGO is the lifeline of an audience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else: savvy, intelligent and culturally diverse individuals who value the concept of philanthropy and who are committed to supporting the vibrancy and continuance of jazz as a cultural art form.

The Underwriting Difference

  • As a nonpublic radio station WBGO does not accept commercial ads—we rely on “underwriting” a term used to distinguish announcements that recognize a company’s support of specific public radio programming.
  • Traditional radio stations air 10-17 minutes of highly produced “commercial blocks” that string numerous spots back to back. At WBGO there is no commercial overload. Our spots are read live by one of our on-air personalities at a rate of three to four spots per hour.

Reaching Your Target Audience
Successful businesses know the value of customer loyalty and people who listen to WBGO are devoted to our programming. This is important because studies have shown that people who listen to public radio become loyal customers of the businesses and organizations that support the programming they love.

WBGO’s audience is made up of college-educated adults whose average income is $100,000, a segment of the population considered to be actively consumer-orientated.

WBGO Underwriting Team
WBGO corporate underwriting offers a wide array of sponsorship opportunities designed to meet your financial, marketing, and philanthropic goals. Whether you choose to be the exclusive sponsor of a particular program, select a varied schedule that will spread out your announcements over the course of the broadcast day, or opt to become a partner for one of our special events or a supporter of our fund drive challenge programs, the WBGO underwriting team will work with you to find the perfect fit.

Examples of our exclusive programming sponsorships include:

  • Rhythm Revue with Felix Hernandez (Saturday 10 am – 4 pm)
  • Toast of the Nation - six-hour, nationally syndicated, live broadcast from across the United States sponsored locally and nationally
  • Favorite Things (weekdays Noon - 4pm)
  • Newark Today - a monthly call-in program hosted by Michael Hill

Learn More
Let one of our professional account managers answer your questions and discuss the many options available. With WBGO’s unique position in the broadcast industry, its access to an ever-growing audience of devoted listeners plus offering underwriters the benefit of being able to advance the continuance of jazz through your support, the question is can you afford NOT to be on WBGO?

Contact Information
Adrienne McWilliams, Chief of Business Support
Telephone: (973) 624-8880
Email: amcwilliams@wbgo.org

"The opportunity to support WBGO-FM Jazz 88 is as much an honor as wise business decision. At Red Jacket Orchards we believe this public radio station is a tremendous asset to the Newark, N.J. and Metro N.Y. communities it so faithfully serves. Our support is not only in recognition of the mutual values of integrity and quality we share with WBGO-FM Jazz 88, but also a way to get the best bang for our limited marketing bucks."- Mark Nicholson, 3rd generation family owner Red Jacket Orchards