Hear Two New Songs From The Distillers: 'Man vs. Magnet' And 'Blood In Gutters'

Sep 12, 2018

It's not like Brody Dalle hasn't put her gritty-pretty voice to snarling use, but it's been almost a decade since her band Spinnerette's last release, and four since Diploid Love, her underrated solo effort. But now The Distillers, the L.A. punk band that gave Dalle's velvet scowl a platform to howl, is back onstage and making good on new material, after officially breaking up in 2006.

"Man vs. Magnet" seems to pick up where 2003's Coral Fang left off, with The Distillers' rough edges buffed with a sparkling sheen. The ringing guitar textures and pounding rhythm section sound like White Lung's own experiments with the same sonic dichotomy, but powered by Dalle's voice. The B-side, "Blood in Gutters," delivers on its title with a pogoing throwback to '90s grunge angst.

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