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The Bar-Kays bassist James Alexander remembers Stax Records and we can get a report on reckless moped and e-bike riders in NYC
Director of News and Editorial Content, Morning News Anchor, Host of WBGO Journal and Host of SportsJam with Doug Doyle and The Art of the Story podcasts
Emmy Award-winning journalist and memorabilia expert Darren Rovell holds Collectible Night at Red Bulls match
Memorabilia expert and Emmy Award-winning journalist Darren Lovell joins SportsJam with Doug Doyle to talk about Collectible Night at Red Bulls match
A preview of the 47th Saratoga Jazz Festival and a chat with historian Rob Bowman about the HBO doc 'STAX: Soulsville U.S.A.'
On the June 1 edition of the WBGO Journal, we get a preview of the 47th Saratoga Jazz Festival and a peak into the HBO doc STAX: Soulsville U.S.A.
Ella Feingold: The Mister Rogers of funk guitar
In this episode of The Third Story podcast, host Leo Sidran talks with Ella Rae Feingold, guitar player, composer, orchestrator, educator and content creator.
Larry Tye's 'The Jazzmen', a chat with Broadway star and award-winning performer Leslie Odom Jr. and the Best at Cannes
The JazzMen from Larry Tye, a chat with award-winning actor and singer Leslie Odom Jr. and Harlan Jacobson's best at Cannes 2024
Poker great Phil Hellmuth on the keys to success in life and at the table
Phil Hellmuth enjoys being the greatest poker tournament player of all-time
An environmental message from a professional sailor and an in-depth interview with blues master guitarist Joe Bonamassa
On the May 18 WBGO Journal, we chat with CEO of Canada Ocean Racing Scott Shawyer and blues master guitarist Joe Bonamassa
Governor Murphy reacts to protests at Rutgers-New Brunswick and a preview of NJPAC’s Milt Hinton Institute for Studio Bass summer camp
On the May 11 WBGO Journal, a preview of NJPAC's Milt Hinton Institute for Studio Bass summer camp and Governor Murphy reacts to protests at Rutgers-New Brunswick

WBGO Studio Archive
The Checkout
Voted "Best Jazz Podcast" in the JazzTimes Critics' Poll for four consecutive years, The Checkout championed the music we call jazz — along the trend lines and on its outer edges. Hosted, produced and curated by Simon Rentner, the show focused on the compelling personal narratives behind today's most exciting artists.Check out the rest of our line up at WBGO Studios.
Jazz United
Jazz United was a wide-ranging conversation show from WBGO Studios, hosted by critic Nate Chinen and broadcaster Greg Bryant. Covering a host of subjects relevant to the musical community, it draws on the shared enthusiasms of its hosts as well as some key differences. Bryant, former host of Jazz After Hours, is a seasoned radio host and musician; Chinen is a longtime journalist and the author of Playing Changes: Jazz For the New Century. Jazz United brings their distinct perspectives into dialogue, with the music always in center focus.Check out the rest of our line up at WBGO Studios.
Transmissions from Deep Ellum, a Snarky Puppy podcast
Snarky Puppy is “the funkiest WhatsApp group you would ever hear,” according to bandmember Larnell Lewis. And he’s not entirely off - this band of 19 musicians pushes what it means to be a band, to write songs, and produce truly original music.In March 2022, the innovative jazz collective descended upon Dallas to rehearse a selection of new songs. The group then took the stage for 16 shows over eight nights and recorded the material before a live audience for their new album, Empire Central.In this three-part series, we take you inside the creation of Empire Central.From the unique songwriting process to the rehearsals, where the band performs songs for the first time without music sheets, to the recording process and final song selection, you’ll get an unforgettable look inside the creative process of one of the world’s most renowned jazz super groups.Produced by GroundUP Music and Osiris Media. Presented by Osiris Media, in partnership with WBGO Studios.Hosted by Jazz Night in America producer Alex Ariff.Check out the rest of our line up at WBGO Studios.
Let Me Tell You About It Podcast
Welcome to Let Me Tell You About It Podcast from WBGO Studios. Hosted and co-produced by Greg Bryant of WBGO's Jazz After Hours and Jazz United, what began as a conversation series between the broadcaster and a variety of musicians is now a podcast. The title of the show, borrowed from baritone saxophonist Leo Parker's 1961 album, is a descriptor for the show's soulfully probing dialogues with musicians that examine aspects of the human condition. Additionally, Bryant provides commentary and thoughtfully curated classic and current vinyl record listening recommendations. Check out the rest of our line up at WBGO Studios.
The Great Wealth Divide, Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase
The Great Wealth Divide is a weekly podcast series, from WBGO Studios, that presents the challenges and explores solutions to advance racial economic equality for Black and Latinx communities.The Great Wealth Divide is sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co., and hosted by Dale Favors, managing partner of Adaptive Growth Leadership.Those participating in the weekly podcast are thought leaders and subject experts from the realm of politics, community activism, academics and beyond — individuals working to create new approaches to reduce and ideally end the great wealth divide.Some of the topics to be explored during the series are:Wealth creation and building in Black and Latinx communitiesThe impact of housing disparity on racial, financial and educational equalityBlack and Latinx entrepreneurialism, mentoring, access to capital and opportunitiesUnderserved and underbanked communities: solutions for a broken systemThe JPMorgan Chase Commitment to Advance Racial Economic EquityJPMorgan Chase is making a global commitment to break down barriers to drive inclusive economic growth all over the world. We believe there is a pressing need to help more people move up the economic ladder. JPMorgan Chase is investing in communities and people to create an economy that works for all because no community should be left behind. We are combining our business and policy expertise, capital and our data to advance four universal pillars of opportunity: careers and skills, business growth and entrepreneurship, financial health and community development. Together, we can all thrive. When more people have a fair shot at opportunity, our economy and communities are stronger.In October 2020, JPMorgan Chase committed $30 billion over the next five years to advance racial equity. The firm will harness its expertise in business, policy and philanthropy to address the key drivers of the racial wealth divide, reduce systemic racism against Black and Latinx people, and support employees. Structural barriers in the United States have created profound racial inequalities that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The existing racial wealth gap puts a strain on families’ economic mobility and restricts the U.S. economy. Building on JPMorgan’s existing investments, this new commitment will drive an inclusive economic recovery, support employees and break down barriers of systemic racism.JPMorgan Chase is harnessing its expertise in business, public policy and philanthropy across four core areas to help tackle racial inequities and provide economic opportunity for Black and Latinx communities by:o Promoting and expanding affordable housing and homeownership;o Growing minority-owned businesses;o Improving financial health; ando Further supporting our employees and increasing workforce diversity.Learn more at The Path Forward.Check out the rest of our line up at WBGO Studios.
Jazz Cabbage
Jazz Cabbage is a limited run podcast series from WBGO Studios exploring the cultural intersection of jazz and cannabis. From how the marginalization of "viper" culture inspired improvisation and integration in the early jazz scene, to the federal government's relentless targeting of jazz musicians as part of its Reefer Madness-inspired eradication campaign.Along the way, we'll hear directly from musicians, scientists, scholars, cultural icons, cannabis entrepreneurs (then and now) and the vipers themselves in their own words.Hosted by Nicole Sweeney (host of Lights Out on WBGO), and cannabis author/historian David Bienenstock, Jazz Cabbage is no longer in production.The musical theme for Jazz Cabbage was composed and performed by acclaimed drummer, songwriter and producer Nate Smith.Check out the rest of our line up at WBGO Studios.
Black House Black Joy
The Black House Black Joy podcast invites listeners to immerse themselves in the rich history and evolution of the New Jersey House Music Community.Through interviews with DJs, dancers, emcees, and activists, the podcast sheds light on the stories and experiences of Black creatives such as DJ Jihad Muhammad, Kenny Bobien, Josh Milan, Kym Mazelle, and The Weather Girls, who have shaped this beloved musical genre.From the legendary Club Zanzibar in Newark to the present-day festival culture throughout the state, this limited series podcast is a window to the cultural significance of House Music as a self-sustained Black community for the last four decades.Check out the rest of our line up at WBGO Studios.