New Rules Limit On-Site Activities At NJ Microbreweries

Sep 25, 2018

New Jersey’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages is limiting the number of live performances and other on-site activities at microbreweries in the state.

Jamie Queli is president of the New Jersey Brewers Association and owner of Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing in Cherry Hill. She’s disappointed with the rules that limit those on-premise events to 25 a year.

“Microbreweries right now are definitely community centers. They’re areas where people congregate and enjoy and do ancillary sort of items that are different than bars and restaurants. And they need a community around microbreweries. So, I definitely think it’s going to have an impact.”    

The new rules also permit microbreweries to have 12 off-site events annually. Queli says that generate new business for the brewers.

“Let’s say there is like, for me, a Cherry Hill Day where they’re putting on the fireworks at a park. I can simply set up a beer  garden now at this fireworks show now and sell my beer now at retail. So, there are avenues that we never had before.”

Queli says the microbrewers will work with state lawmakers to try to expand the number of on-site events they’re allowed to have.