Coronavirus Update from Governor Cuomo: "Bullet Train" with Cases Going Up Quickly

Mar 24, 2020

Governor Cuomo speaks about latest numbers of coronavirus cases
Credit New York Governor's Office

There are more than 25-thousand known coronavirus cases in New York State and more than two-hundred related deaths as of Tuesday. New York City has the bulk of the cases with nearly 15-thousand.

Despite all the closures and restrictions, Governor Cuomo says the number of coronavirus cases is doubling every three days.

“One of the forecasters said to me we were looking at a freight train coming across the country. We are now looking at bullet train because the numbers are going up that quickly.”

Cuomo expects the number of cases to peak in about two to three weeks. “We must dramatically increase the hospital capacity to meet that highest apex.”

Cuomo is looking at using college dorms and hotels for possible hospital beds. But he says the state is short tens of thousands of ventilators. He says the state is exploring the possibility of having patients share them. Cuomo also is making a plea to the federal government to send ventilators to the state and mandate manufactures make them.