Hunger Remains a Big Problem on this Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2020
New York City Coalition Against Hunger

At a time when many Americans are enjoying Thanksgiving, hunger is an even big problem in New York City because of coronavirus.

Head of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger Joel Berg says there was a food crisis before the pandemic and now he says it’s even worse.

“Our survey found a third of families in New York City were rationing food to their kids, giving their kids less food because they don’t have enough resources. Neither the charities nor the government programs have nearly enough funding to meet the massive need today.”

Carlos Rodriguez
Alexandra Hill for WBGO News

This coming Wednesday will be another opportunity for WBGO listeners to support their public radio station while helping others in need. 

WBGO is partnering with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and Stop & Shop to help provide "family packs" of food for the hungry in the area. 

Carlos Rodriguez, President and CEO of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey chats with WBGO's Doug Doyle about the partnership and the hunger issue in New Jersey.

You will be able to help by calling 1-800-499-9246 or making a pledge at

Food Banks Gearing Up For Holiday Season

Nov 1, 2017
Supplies at the Food Bank warehouse in Hillside
Community Food Bank of New Jersey

The holiday season is approaching and food pantries in New Jersey are appealing for donations.

Julienne Cherry with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey says many residents can’t afford to buy the food their families need.

“In the state of New Jersey we still have one million people that are food insecure. And of that almost 300,00 of them are kids, and that’s one in seven kids. So, the need is still there. For every dollar that someone donates we’re able to actually provide three meals.”

Cherry is appealing for donations of turkeys and supplies.

Community FoodBank Day

Sep 18, 2017

September is Hunger Action Month, a nationwide initiative to urge the public to take action against hunger. 40 million Americans face hunger and 900,000 of them live right in New Jersey. Close to 260,000 are children.

Food Pantries On NJ College Campuses

Feb 27, 2017
College officials testify at NJ legislative hearing
Phil Gregory

New Jersey lawmakers are focusing on hunger among college students.

Carey Wilson directs off-campus living at Rutgers University New Brunswick. She says a food pantry opened there in September to support students who don't have enough money for food.

"We have students who are disconnected from families and therefore lacking the support they need when times are tough.  We have returning adult students who are coming back to school after a layoff and have to support their family. We have students who are choosing between paying for textbooks and paying for food."