Higher Education

Edwin J. Torres/Governor’s Office

New Jersey took steps Thursday to make it easier for college students to repay their loans, in what Gov. Phil Murphy said was part of his effort to strengthen the state’s investment in education.

At a press conference, Murphy said he hopes the two laws he signed Thursday would send a message to prospective college students that they can get an affordable education in the Garden State.

“The last thing we want is a system so rigid and insensitive that it leaves borrowers — through no fault of their own, by the way — no way out and no way forward,” he said.

Mildred Antenor
David Tallacksen for WBGO

WBGO commentator Mildred Antenor thinks the guidelines for hiring teachers needs a detailed review.

Antenor is an author and a professor at Seton Hall University.

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Advocates are urging New Jersey’s next governor to increase the state’s investments and support for higher education.

New Jersey Policy Perspective president Gordon MacInnes says a pattern of disinvestment in the state’s public colleges and universities over the last quarter century has resulted in high costs and rising debt for students.

He says the Secretary of Education lacks the resources to analyze the performance of colleges and maximize opportunities.

Recession Caused States To Cut Funding For Colleges

Aug 23, 2017

A study by a national research group finds that states have cut funds for higher education by nearly $9 billion since the 2008 recession.

Mike Mitchell is an analyst with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. He says lower state funding for colleges has meant tuition increases, forcing students to incur more debt to pay for college.