SportsJam with Doug Doyle: Former NFL Star Nate Burleson Brings Swag and Fun To Sports Television

Dec 15, 2017

NFL Network's Nate Burleson with SportsJam host Doug Doyle in NYC
Credit Joe Favorito for WBGO

Former NFL wide receiver Nate Burleson's transition into sports television has been impressive.  Burleson is the co-host of the NFL Network's Good Morning Football and he's also an analyst on CBS' NFL Today.

Burleson sat down recently with SportsJam host Doug Doyle to talk about his work in television, his NFL career and his family.

Burleson, his wife and children have recently moved to Ridgewood, New Jersey.

"I got the nod to get the CBS job and you know I thought to myself, you know I've gotta start digging my heels into the ground in New Jersey.  I sold my home in Arizona....My oldest son little Nate is going to be in high school after this year so I figured we've got to get into a location into high school where they're going to zoned for high school....I'm a Jersey native now I guess you could say. I got my Jersey license. I yell at people when I'm in the car, I'm quite rude when people what up to you, no I'm joking, I have acquired all those characteristics of being a New Yorker yet.  I'm definitely an East Coaster and i'ts official, I'll be out here for quite some time."

Nate Burleson has always been an entertainer in the NFL and now as an analyst and host on the NFL Network

Nate Burleson has used his experience on and off the field to shape his work on television.

"It hasn't been an easy road, you fight for everything you want in life.  I got in, I was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings and I was on a team that had Randy Moss, so I wasn't supposed to be a superstar receiver but you just keep fighting and you wait for your opportunity.  You know my dad would always say "You can knock on the door, you can ring the doorbell but sometimes you gotta kick that thing down, and it's not going to come when you want it, but when it comes it's gonna be right on time.  You have to be fully invested in what you do."

Burleson brings his fashion swag and music tastes to his job as well.  He loves his role on GMF on the NFL Network weekdays from 7-10am.

"It's a morning show, it's supposed to be fun.  It's supposed to light.  You're supposed to have jokes....Football is supposed be fun."

Nate Burleson provides the fun on Good Morning Football

The former University of Nevada speedster comes from what has been referred to as the "Sports Family of Seattle."  Nate's father was a star safety at the University of Washington and played in the CFL and USFL.  All his brothers have excelled in sports, with brother Kevin playing for the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats. But it was his mother who wanted him to be an entertainer.

"Mom has always been promoting that....that's kind of where I get I guess the side of me that always wants to be on stage."

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