NJ Lawmaker Wants Smoking Banned At More Outdoor Places

Sep 17, 2018

Senator Shirley Turner

A New Jersey lawmaker wants to ban smoking in more outdoor public places.

A law Governor Murphy signed this summer that imposes a statewide smoking ban at New Jersey beaches and parks will take effect in January.

A bill introduced by Senator Shirley Turner would expand the ban to boardwalks, marinas, historical sites, racetracks, amusement parks, and other outdoor recreational and sports facilities.

“We know that secondhand smoke has a serious health effect. The greater majority of people are nonsmokers because they have gotten the message. And I think people now are looking to avoid any contact with tobacco.”

Turner expects there could be some opposition from facility owners concerned it would drive away business.

“I think health really tops revenue because we’re paying the price for that in the escalating costs of health insurance. So it make sense that we look at the long term and the health implications.”

There’s no indication when the legislature might act on the measure.