Nicholas Payton on Creating in Captivity, and the Spark Behind His New Albums, on The Pulse

May 22, 2020

A self-proclaimed introvert, Nicholas Payton has found his “bag” while in quarantine.

Payton, a trumpeter, keyboardist and producer, has managed to create not just one album, but two, with accompanying visuals (that he taught himself to produce). He has completely embraced the old adage, “necessity is the mother of invention” — and in that spirit, has comfortably rolled with the punches.

His album Quarantined with Nick chronicles the multiple emotions experienced during our global pandemic, in a manner reminiscent of the stages of grief. He managed to record the album over a two-day period — the fastest he says he has ever produced a project. We talked about the process that went into its fruition, and what “the new normal” means for him, in this virtual episode of The Pulse. 

For more information about Nicholas Payton, visit his website.