Listen Now to Dr. Lonnie Smith's 'All In My Mind,' A Soulful Exploration, on Radar

Jan 5, 2018

When the Hammond B-3 organ guru Dr. Lonnie Smith returned to Blue Note Records in 2016, there was an obvious evolution from those hip Blue Note albums of the late 1960s. With his latest, All In My Mind, Dr. Lonnie comes right at us with what he calls “my brotherhood”: a trio featuring guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg and drummer Johnathan Blake.

Dr. Lonnie Smith Album, "All In My Mind"

Captured live at Jazz Standard in New York City, the album summons your tappin’ foot one moment and explores with style and sophistication the next — especially when you hear the opening of “Alhambra” and realize it’s all the Doctor! Tadd Dameron’s “On A Misty Night,” Paul Simon’s “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” and Freddie Hubbard’s “Up Jumped Spring” are all freshened up here. And what a thrill to hear Smith singing again, this time in a soulful duet with Alicia Olatuja on the title track, an original revisit from Smith’s 1970’s catalog.

All In My Mind is due out on Blue Note Records on Jan. 12. The Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio performs at Jazz Standard from Jan. 11 through 14. 

1)  Juju
2)  Devika
3)  50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
4)  On A Misty Night
5)  Alhambra
6)  All In My Mind
7)  Up Jumped Spring