Legal Aid Threatens To Sue De Blasio Over Homeless in NYC Hotels

Aug 28, 2020

(File Photo) NYC mayor Bill de Blasio delivering daily briefing

The Legal Aid Society is threatening to sue the de Blasio administration if Mayor Bill de Blasio orders homeless out of hotels during the coronavirus pandemic. 


There have been numerous complaints of quality of life related issues after Mayor de Blasio ordered thousands of homeless from shelters into hotels during the height of the pandemic.


“This is not something we normally would have wanted to do at all and it did cause some challenges but we are addressing them case by case on the ground.  Anyone who sees a problem should call 3-1-1. It will be addressed.  


Mayor de Blasio says as the health situation improves, the city will get the homeless out of hotels and into safe shelter facilities. However, the legal aid society says moving homeless into crowded shelters while the pandemic is still ongoing is not safe and is threatening to sue.