Kim Ann Curtin: Picking the Good and Bad Apples of Wall Street

Mar 9, 2015

Kim Ann Curtin is known as the Wall Street Coach
Credit Kim Ann Curtin for WBGO

Kim Ann Curtin, dubbed the Wall Street Coach by New York media, wants to find the good guys working in the financial district and hope they will create an ethical movement their colleagues would follow.

“We know who the bad guys are,” Curtin says in a Conversation with Allan Wolper interview. “But we don’t who the good guys are.”

Curtin interviewed scores of financial men and women who she believes could bring ethics to the financial world and compiled their response in a book called, Transforming Wall Street, a Conscious Path for a New Future. She dedicated her book to Monsignor Tom Hartman, an associate of Rabbi Marc Gellman, moderators of a television show called The God Squad.