Kathleen Jordan: Memoir of Her Late Father, Hamilton Jordan, Aide To Former President Jimmy Carter

May 5, 2017

Kathleen Jordan's father was Hamilton Jordan, aide to former President Jimmy Carter
Credit Allan Wolper for WBGO

Kathleen Jordan, a Los Angeles television writer and producer, completed the unfinished memoir of her late father, Hamilton Jordan, who died of brain cancer . He was the chief of staff of former President Jimmy Carter.

She reads an excerpt from the manuscript in which her father, who was brought up a Baptist in the segregated south was stunned to learn at his grandmother’s funeral that she was Jewish, making him Jewish as well.

The book, Boy From Georgia: Coming of Age In The Segregated South, was published by the University of Georgia, Hamilton Jordan’s alma mater. The paperback will be out in September, 2017.

“It needed to happen,” Kathleen said, explaining why she completed her father’s memoir. “It was an unclosed chapter in my dad’s life. It didn’t feel right that it hadn’t been finished.”

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