Hear 'Strykin' Ahead,' the Grooving New Album by Guitarist Dave Stryker, on Radar

Aug 25, 2017

Dave Stryker's recent efforts have been jazz hits. His two Eight Track albums, and a salute to former employer Stanley Turrentine, have earned this guitarist new fans while giving him plenty of room to move. Strykin' Ahead is Dave's new date, and it puts him in the studio with organist Jared Gold, vibraphonist Steve Nelson and drummer McClenty Hunter, who proved to be such a hip combination on Eight Track II.

Throughout the album, Dave shows off his versatility, ranging from wall-sweating blues to a pretty Strayhorn melody to an evergreen like "Who Can I Turn To." Then there's the flat-out, open-road feel of the title track, which lives up to its name.

1) Shadowboxing
2) Footprints
3) New You
4) Passion Flower
5) Strykin' Ahead
6) Blues Down Deep
7) Joy Spring
8) Who Can I Turn To
9) Donna Lee

Dave Stryker will appear on Sept. 1 and 2 at The Jazz Forum in Tarrytown, N.Y.; on Sept. 3 at The Falcon in Marlboro, N.Y.; and on Sept. 9 at Trumpets in Montclair, N.J. For more information, visit his website.