Hear the DIVA Jazz Orchestra's Swinging '25th Anniversary Project,' Now on Radar

Mar 23, 2018

What is it that gets any musical organization to the 25 year mark?

Luck, for sure, but that's eclipsed by the creation of great charts, articulate and soulful playing, and a sound unification that goes way beyond theory.

The DIVA Jazz Orchestra has all those elements and more. Fifteen swingin' jazz players. Fifteen women proud to capture and share the diversity of a band dynamic thriving on the composing and arranging skills of its members. The 10 tracks on 25th Anniversary Project are a glowing testament to the outstanding work of women instrumentalists, and a fitting milestone for an exciting big band.

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1)   East Coast Andy
2)   Middleground
3)   Seesaw
4)   Jami's Tune
5)   Square One
6)   Darkness Of The Matter
7)   La Americana
8)   A Quarter Past The Last Minute
9)   Forever In My Heart
10)  The Rhythm Changes