Essex County Sets Up Five Sites for Covid Vaccinations

Dec 18, 2020

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Essex County is ready to go with Covid vaccinations. Five sites are set up and waiting for vaccine delivery.

Freeholder President Brendan Gill says there’s a system to insure the process goes smoothly. “There’s a set amount of towns that are assigned to each of those sites,” he said. “Newark, if you are a resident of Newark you can use any of the five since Newark is our largest, obviously, city.”

Two of the sites are in Newark. The others are in West Orange, Livingston and West Caldwell. The sites will be open 9am to 5pm. Residents can make appointments at Health care workers and high-risk people will be first in line. There will be no out of pocket cost.

Gill says things should get going before year-end. “We expect it (the vaccine) very soon,” he said. “I would expect this to be hopefully up and running within a week or two at the absolute latest.”

And when you are eligible to be vaccinated, depending on your situation, Gill says please get in line. “The goal is to get 70 percent of the county vaccinated by the spring,” he said, “so we’re encouraging everyone when they can, and when this becomes available, to participate.”