Environmentalists Urge Governor Murphy To Ban Fracking Waste

Sep 12, 2018

Environmental groups say chemicals in fracking are dangerous.

The Partnership for Policy Integrity says energy companies in Pennsylvania are refusing to identify potentially harmful chemicals used for drilling and fracking.

New Jersey Sierra Club director Jeff Tittel hopes the dangers of fracking waste will convince Governor Murphy to ban it in New Jersey.

“You can’t treat it because, one, you don’t even know what you’re treating. Two, the facilities in the Delaware Basin can’t take out all these different chemicals. So if you can’t treat it, then you have to ban it”

New Jersey lawmakers passed a bill in 2014 to ban fracking waste but former Governor Chris Christie vetoed it.

Alyssa Bradley with Clean Water Action hopes Murphy approves a ban.

“I think Murphy understands the dangers of fracking wastewater. So I think he’s more likely to do something about this than obviously Chris Christie was.”

Advocates say fracking waste poses a threat to drinking water and public health.