De Blasio Says NYC Will Sue If Trump Tries To Withhold Federal Funding

Sep 3, 2020

Mayor Bill De Blasio, during his daily coronavirus briefing, says NYC will sue Trump Administration if federal funds are withheld.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is threatening to sue the Trump Administration if President Trump tries to withhold federal aid to New York City.

A Trump memo mentions looting and a spike in crime in the city. Trump is directing federal agencies to look at federal funding cuts for what Trump calls lawless cities.  Mayor de Blasio says Congress has already approved the money.

“This is clearly a campaign stunt. This is clearly the President just trying to score political points.  But the problem is the constitution doesn’t agree with him and the Supreme Court doesn’t agree with him.”

He guarantees the city will beat Trump in court.  Trump tweeted his administration will do what it can to prevent federal money going to cities that let anarchists burn buildings and ruin businesses.