De Blasio Plan Seeks Health Care For All New Yorkers

Jan 8, 2019

Mayor Bill de Blasio is guaranteeing health coverage for every resident in New York City.

De Blasio calls the initiative NYC Care, a program that will give any ineligible city resident access to treatment through public hospitals.

“Get the heath care you need when you need it,” de Blasio said.  “You won’t end up in the emergency room.  You won’t end up in a hospital bed if you actually get the care you need when a disease starts, not when it’s already too late.”

“For those who can afford something, they’ll pay on a sliding scale.  It they can’t afford anything, care will be for free.  No one will be turned away and care will be comprehensive.”

NYC Care is expected to roll out this summer starting in the Bronx, with availability across the five boroughs by 2021.  De Blasio says they’re also doubling down on expanding MetroPlus, the City’s public health insurance option.

“We build it out we strengthen it and get it to more and more people and we take the strength of the public health system and we make it easier to use, user friendly accessible, and we give everyone that doctor by name.  We change the whole way people get health care.”