De Blasio Looks Ahead To Opening Schools In September

Jun 11, 2020

Mayor Bill de Blaso delivers daily briefing

 With the coronavirus situation improving in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio is not ruling out the possibility that all children will go school in September.  Mayor de Blasio says the city will try and get the most children in school buildings as possible in September while keeping it safe.  He does admit a lot can change between now and then with coronavirus and even during the school year. 

“Could be every single student back in school. It could be no students back in school. We have to be ready for all of that at any point.  It could change literally month to month.”

The schools chancellor sent a letter to school officials saying start dates may be phased in, schedules possibly split with a combo of remote and in classroom learning.  

“The letter to me was to say, Hey everyone this is going to be tough but be ready to be some place on a continuum.”