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New York state now requires all high school seniors to complete FAFSA


High school seniors in New York State are getting help in finding ways to pay for college. There is now a law requiring all high school seniors to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, or submit a waiver opting out by the time they graduate. Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson was one of the sponsors.

“Not only the federal government requires it for Pell Grants but most colleges, universities and those organizations giving out grants require it as well,” he said.

Other states have similar laws. Recent data shows students missing out on significant federal aid.

“Last year over $200 million of financial aid was left on the table by New York students, so that’s why this is so important,” he said.

The form has always been known for its complexity, but Jacobson said it’s been made simpler.

“The federal government did change the form in hopes of making it easier, it’s a federal form and we hope that they continue to reform it,” he said.

A “Better FAFSA” as it's known was rolled out at the end of last year, but it’s gotten off to a rocky start with a number of glitches and errors.

Janice Kirkel is a lifelong award-winning journalist who has done everything from network newscasts to national and local sports reports to business newscasts to specialized reporting and editing in technical areas of business and finance such as bankruptcy, capital structure changes and reporting on the business of the investment business.