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Dave Popkin is a WBGO News/Music contributor

Dave Popkin

WBGO news/music contributor

Dave Popkin joined the WBGO content team as a free-lance news/music contributor in 2023. Dave is the former host of The Blues Show, The Morning Show, and News Director of WVUM-FM in Miami. The Jersey Shore native is an accomplished sportscaster currently calling Seton Hall Basketball and appearing on various national radio and TV networks, including SiriusXM, CBS Sports Network, FS1, and ESPN+. He is a singer in two bands: Porch Rockers and The Attic. Popkin is also the CEO of an events company, Hilltop Management, and President of the Board of Trustees of the non-profit organization, Nutley Family Service Bureau. In 2017, he created Rock Hunger, a music festival that raises money for food pantries. He is constantly evolving.