The Checkout: Andy Milne Opens Up About the Healing Journey Behind 'The Seasons of Being'

Oct 6, 2020

Two years after creating his Juno Award-winning album The Seasons of Being, pianist Andy Milne is ready to talk about its significance.

A decade ago, Milne’s search for wellness became an obsession. For years, he had suffered from chronic back pain, which increasingly interfered with his career as a touring musician. Traditional western medical treatments didn’t help, so he turned to homeopathy. Not only did his back pain subside; it also laid bare many other wellness issues lurking beneath the surface.

On this unique episode of The Checkout, Milne gives a candid testimonial of his journey towards healing, and how it provided an entryway to creation on Seasons of Being. He begins by introducing us to his homeopath David Cramer, and how their sessions inspired Milne in his compositional creation. 

With Dr. Cramer’s help, he created a survey with which to interview his band members, coming up with a homeopathic remedy picture for each of them. Once Milne collected the data, wrote the scores and finished the album, his life took another unexpected turn — another shocking revelation about his health at a critical juncture in his career.

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