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Education: An Unequal Reality, But One with Solutions

From early childhood education through the university experience, the educational inequities experienced by Black and Latinx students (in contrast to their white counterparts) has been and remains profound.

In this episode we’ll discuss why instilling the joy of learning, the opportunity to dream big, and critical thinking are so important to creating success and access to wealth for Black and Latinx students. We’ll also touch on the value of integrated classrooms; whether Federal, State and local governments have a responsibility to provide equal educational access including facilities; and much more.

Our host, Dale Favors, is joined by two forward-thinking, solution-oriented educational leaders:

Miguel Martinez-Saenz: President, St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York

Gabriela Tejedor: Co-Founder & Co-Head, Brooklyn Independent Middle School

Dale Favors is an inspirational sales coach and strategic business leader. He spent 26-years as a financial professional working in sales and sales management for firms such as Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, Royal Bank of Canada, Piper Jaffray and Thomson Reuters, where he built relationships with some of the world’s largest hedge funds, asset managers, corporations, and public pension plans.