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Jason Lindner Talks About Sculpting Sound, As a Synth Catalyst and Big Band Arranger

Deneka Peniston
Now vs Now

When Jason Lindner became embedded in New York’s jazz scene in the mid 1990s, he led an underground big band. These days, he's paving the way for a new breed of jazz synth artists, with the same renegade spirit.

On this episode of The Checkout, Lindner — the former keyboardist for David Bowie, trumpeter Avishai Cohen and so many others — speaks about his artistic growth, as expressed on The Buffering Cocoon, his third release with the band he calls Now Vs. Now. 

Lindner also opens up about his journey: He started out as a pianist and arranger, and now describes himself as a sound designer. His music seems to be changing more radically than at any other point of his career. 

He'll perform at the Mercury Lounge during Winter JazzFest in New York City on Saturday, Jan. 12.

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