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Jazz Appreciation Month: CUNY's BMCC Jazz Ensemble performs in WBGO Studios

CUNY's BMCC Jazz Ensemble
CUNY's BMCC Jazz Ensemble

A large jazz ensemble from the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) award-winning music program came to WBGO Studios recently to perform a set of four challenging selections as part of WBGO's annual celebration of up-and-coming performers of the jazz world. This performance is part of our educational community outreach here at WBGO as we celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM). You can hear the music from their in-studio performance this week during Day Break with Gary Walker at 9:50am ET and Drive Time with Brian Delp at 7:50pm ET, Monday through Thursday.

Under the direction of Dr. Quentin Angus, the Program Coordinator of Jazz & Popular Music, and Ensemble Director Can Olgun, the music majors at BMCC can choose from different specializations, including music studies, music education, performance, and Jazz and Popular music. While many of the students pursue further education at one of CUNY’s senior colleges, those graduating with a music degree from BMCC have been admitted to and/or awarded full scholarships at prestigious private universities and colleges. The BMCC motto of "start here, go anywhere" really rings true with their music department.

Listen to “Love Theory,” above.

The BMCC Jazz Ensemble members:

Isabel Alvarez, vocals (Lower Sophomore)
Stephanie Marrow, vocals (Upper Sophomore)
André Díaz, vocals (Upper Sophomore)
Jhakenson Cetoute, clarinet (Upper Sophomore)
Mike O’Donnell, guitar (Lower Sophomore)
Elias Solomon, guitar (Upper Freshman)
Gabriel Kerolle, piano (Upper Freshman)
Amaree Bowen, bass (Lower Sophomore)
Jaden Shafe, drums (Lower Freshman)

Song list:

“Love Theory” (Kirk Franklin)
“Song For Bilbao” (Pat Metheny)
“La Llave De Mi Corazon” (Juan Luis Guerra)
“War Chant” (Boulares/Charles/Levy/Valeanu)

 Listen to "Song for Bilbao":

Song For Bilbao

 Listen to “La Llave De Mi Corazon”:


Listen to "War Chant":

War Chant