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Hear Saxophonist JD Allen with His Trio in Our Studio, Playing Ballads From 'Love Stone'

Tenor saxophonist JD Allen’s new release, Love Stone, is a departure from what his fans are accustomed to hearing.

After telling his story on albums ranging from his 1999 debut, In Search of JD Allen to last year’s Radio Flyer, Allen turns here to stories of love.


While he explores nine timeless ballads on Love Stone, he does so with friends he’s played with for most of the last two decades. Guitarist Liberty Ellman is on the set along with bassist Gregg August and drummer Rudy Royston.

Allen admits this project is different, saying as much in the album’s liner notes: “Hope you know that I live only to hear you say, ‘hmmm...that’s different.’” 

You can do that tonight: The JD Allen Trio performs at 8 and 10 at Nublu, 151 Avenue C, in New York City.