Some Murphy Priorities Might Not Get Fast Approval

Jan 10, 2018

Governor-elect Phil Murphy

Governor-elect Phil Murphy might not be getting speedy approval from the New jersey legislature for some of his priorities.
Murphy wants to impose a tax surcharge on millionaires and use the money to increase funding for public schools.
Senate President Steve Sweeney says state lawmakers won’t rush to do that.  He’s forming a panel of economists and tax experts to study the impact of federal tax changes that limit the deductions for state and local taxes and consider possible tax reforms.
“Everyone says we’re going to rush out and raise taxes. I got to tell you that’s not the answer. If we look at taxes it’ll be a done in a way that helps move the state forward not move it backwards. There’s a smart way of doing it and a not smart way of doing it.”
Murphy was also hoping lawmakers would act early in his term to legalize recreational marijuana use.
Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin says he wants a thorough vetting before a legalization bill is advanced.
“It’s a sea shift in terms of public policy and it’s the creation of a new industry. I think that demands that we understand all the ramifications of that. In order to do that what I need to do is make sure that I’m working with my caucus to make sure that we get it right.”
 Murphy will be sworn in as Governor next week, succeeding Chris Christie.