NJ Primary is Tuesday July 7

Jul 7, 2020

Tuesday is Primary Election Day in New Jersey
Credit NJ Governor's Office

New Jersey’s statewide primary election is today (Tuesday, July 7, 2020) 

The COVID-19 pandemic means big changes to how residents will vote.

State officials have been encouraging residents to vote by mail. And if you haven’t yet … it’s not too late. Voters can still get a mail-in ballot at their county clerk’s office and submit it to one of several dropboxes posted throughout each county.

Voters can also cast a ballot in person. At least half of all polling places will be open across the state and at least one will be available in every town. People who show up to a polling place in person will vote on a provisional paper ballot.

Residents shouldn’t expect election results right away. Given the significant number of voters expected to cast a ballot by mail this year, it could be days before we know how the races turned out.

Running campaigns, especially against incumbents, is hard enough these days, but add the coronavirus pandemic into the mix, and the candidates have had different challenges to meet.  

New Jersey's 8th congressional district has one Republican, Jason Mushnick running.  He's unopposed.  Incumbent Democrat Albio Sires is being challenged by Hector Oseguera and Will Sheehan.

Sheehan, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, says the hurdles created by the pandemic were not all negative.  He feels the mail-in-vote helps him and other candidates looking to unseat incumbents.  Sheehan says he strongly believes in term limits that Congress needs a new generation of seasoned leaders.