The Checkout: Meet Laura Perrudin, A French Harpist with a Jagged Edge

Nov 25, 2020

Only a few modern harpists are redefining their instrument. Meet Laura Perrudin, a French singer-songwriter breaking ground with her chromatic electric harp.

She says there’s only one other person who plays a harp just like hers. I’m pretty sure that person’s music doesn’t sound anything like Laura Perrudin. In addition to writing gorgeous, haunting melodies, she has a way of creating a whole sonic universe to go along with them. She describes her creations as evoking the sounds of Amon Tobin, Björk and Flying Lotus.

“I’m kind of in many networks and ecosystems at the same time," Perrudin says. “I have a foot in the jazz world, a foot in the indie pop, a foot in the electronic world or in the contemporary music world.”

Last fall, I sat down with the artist during a visit to Paris. We decided to hold the conversation until now, around the release of Perspectives & Avatarsher new album. We'll listen to that immersive statement, along with songs from her previous album, Poisons & Antidotes.

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