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Rachel Eckroth, a most mysterious pianist and singer

Rachel Eckroth
Anna Azarov
Rachel Eckroth

Pianist, singer, and composer Rachel Eckroth is more than a musical chameleon. Her shapeshifting is so astonishingly dramatic that there is no upper limit to her creative identity.

She possesses a magical ephemeral creative style whether she’s accompanying on keys with stars such as St. Vincent or Rufus Wainwright; or producing dream pop for vocalist Sy Smith; or singing folk songs with guitarist David Garza; or ripping through a jazz standard as a talented piano improvisor.

Her greatest musical gift may be as a composer and arranger. Regardless, all of her modes of expression are reflected on her latest album, The Garden, which she can only describe as “crazy jazz.” It features some of the baddest jazz experimenters around, two closely aligned with the late rock star David Bowie, including saxophonist Donny McCaslin and bassist Tim Lefebvre. Rounding out the combo is Andrew Krasilnikov (saxophone) and Austin White (modular synth).

The Checkout spotlights the artist in all of her glorious states as she takes us on her constantly evolving musical journey. Watch Rachel Eckroth and Tim Lefebvre perform "Words Don’t Mean," as part of our Alone Together Duets series, in partnership with Jazz Night In America.

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