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Bed Stuy Brooklyn vocalist Bette Smith's sound harks to the raw, stripped down funk of Betty Davis

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Bette Smith
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Bette Smith

Take a listen to vocalist Bette Smith and you’re going to feel a lot of things. The funk. The grit. And the rhythm of an artist who has spent a life in the trenches honing their craft.

The Bed Stuy Brooklyn bred artist’s sound harks to the raw, stripped down funk of Betty Davis – though its origins pull from the vibe of gospel musicians performing at summer block parties and her minister father’s sacred singing. “I was a little teacup full of hot water.” says Bette.”And the energy of all those gospel groups… and my father's influence singing – they were the teabags… I got steeped in this incredible culture and community of Brooklyn.”

Bette Smith’s third release drops July 12th on Kartel Music Group. Entitled Goodthing, the record pulled from her experiences during the pandemic – making a ‘good thing’ out of the darkness. “we couldn't get out and do whatever the things that we always did. We had to start from the basics “ says Bette. “we had to sit still… and just get reacquainted with ourselves. And those who survived, I think, went inside and tried to find the light inside of them.”

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