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Sylvia Brewer

Sylvia Brewer

Director of Volunteer Services & Special Events

Sylvia began her career at WBGO in 1994 as an Account Executive in the Underwriting Department. Within a few years, she was offered the position of Volunteer Coordinator. Her primary responsibilities are planning, implementing and administering WBGO Volunteer Program.

Sylvia established the WBGO Internship Program in 2006. The program provides guidance and assistance to students who are in pursuit of careers in media and communications.

Prior to WBGO, Sylvia was an employee at AT&T in management areas: Finance, Communications and Human Resources.

Sylvia enjoys the enthusiastic support and cooperation the station receives from our listening audience and especially the businesses in the community as they continue to support our membership fund drives. She was introduced to jazz in college, and has since gained an appreciation for the creative, spiritual energy that jazz encompasses. Outside of work, Sylvia enjoys spending time with family and friends.