Reese Oxner

Comedian Dave Chappelle had a strange request for his fans. Don't stream his show.

"I'm begging you. If you ever liked me," he said in a video of a stand-up routine he shared on Tuesday. "Boycott Chappelle's Show. Do not watch it unless they pay me."

Chappelle was calling out the network Comedy Central, which first aired Chappelle's Show from 2003 to 2006. He said in the video the company licensed the show to Netflix and HBO Max without paying him or informing him about the deal.

State officials were flying over southeastern Utah looking for sheep as part of a routine task. Instead they found something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

From a helicopter, officers from the Utah Department of Public Safety spotted a large metal monolith — a single block of metal — last week. It was sitting in Utah's Red Rock Country in the southeast. Officials have no idea how or when it got there — or who might have placed it.

We know a lot about the Industrial Revolution. What it looked like, its historical significance and details of life during the time.

But what about how it smelled?

A new team of researchers, historians and computer scientists will explore the answer to that question and others like it. Funded by the European Union, the team behind the $3.3 million project called Odeuropa will spend three years identifying and recreating historical smells. It was announced this week and begins in January.

Nearly 46 years ago, terrorists placed bombs in Birmingham, England. The explosions ripped apart two pubs, killing 21 people and injuring about 200.

Six men were sentenced to life in prison in 1975 in connection with the terrorist act, but 16 years later their convictions were thrown out. The men were released and compensated in one of the country's most notorious miscarriages of justice.

For years the case has been quiet, with no additional arrests.

Twitter wants you to think twice before sending a tweet to drafts.

The social platform, with more than 330 million users, on Tuesday debuted a new sharing feature worldwide called "fleets." Users can share photos, text or even repost tweets in posts that vanish after 24 hours.

The fleets are pinned to the top of the timeline and are only available via mobile apps. The company has not shared plans to roll out the feature on desktop.

Visit the famed Stonehenge in England and you'll encounter a mysterious landmark that's stood for millennia.

But as you gaze on the prehistoric standing stones that are visited by thousands and is a World Heritage Site, you might notice something else.


After briefly picking up hurricane strength, Eta weakened into a tropical storm and hit the Gulf Coast of Florida early Thursday.

Tropical Storm Eta made landfall with winds of 50 mph at 4 a.m. near Cedar Key, Fla., according to the National Hurricane Center. The storm is cutting across Florida and is forecast to reach the Atlantic by early Thursday afternoon local time.

If Texas was a country instead of a state, it would rank in the top 10 nations with the most overall coronavirus cases.

That's according to data from Johns Hopkins University, which also revealed that the state, the second-most populous in the U.S., surpassed 1 million cases on Tuesday.

A meat manufacturer is suing New Mexico, saying the state violated an executive order from President Trump by ordering a plant to temporarily close.

Health officials ordered Stampede Meat to close its Sunland Park, N.M., plant last week after six employees tested positive for the coronavirus in a five-day period in late October. A state directive calls for businesses to be shut down for 14 days if four or more employees test positive within a 14-day period.