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We Are Recruiting Resident-Reporters for Our 2021 Spring Cohort

Screengrab of the zoom training session with team- Story Lab session.png
Brit Harley
Zoom Communications
Screengrab of Story Lab session held via Zoom with resident-reporters and Community Engagement Reporter, Brit Harley.

The Newark News and Story Collaborative, led by WBGO Community Engagement reporter Brit Harley, is committed to elevating community-driven storytelling to fill information gaps in local and national media. We train Newark residents in storytelling, media-making, and other creative art forms to create media for their community. It lays the groundwork for a collaborative network that will address longstanding information inequities in Newark, New Jersey. This project is made possible with funding support from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and the Victoria Foundation.

Our winter cohort of resident-reporters completed their training in March 2021. Resident-reporters James Frazier's "School in the Future" and Tia Ryans' preview of "Hiding in Plain Sight: The Neighbors You Never Hear From" made appearances in the WBGO Journal. You can read Habeebah Yasin's "Sold Without Proper Knowledge" here, with an audio version coming soon.

Through our story lab program, community members are trained and supported in storytelling, mediamaking, and other creative art forms to share and amplify their experiences and produce unique coverage of issues impacting diverse communities in Newark. Resident-reporters are paid a stipend to participate in this program. We are excited to announce the application for our spring cohort is live! We are selecting five Newark residents to join our team. The deadline to apply is April 18, 2021, at 11:59 pm.

Who Should Apply?
We are seeking to work with residents who have a desire to create media for their community. We are building a team of resident reporters who will produce unique multimedia of issues impacting diverse communities in Newark that lack traditional news & media coverage. Media experience is not required to participate in the program.

We would love applications from city residents, community organizers, youth, writers, photographers, videographers, freelance journalists, and audio journalists.

Key Dates
Monday, April 12th - Information session, register here.
Thursday, April 15th - Information session, register here.
Sunday, April 18th, 2021 - Application deadline.

Time Commitment & Pay
Resident-reporters will commit to 4-6 hours of work per week for 10 weeks and be paid a $2,000 stipend. Training begins on April 28, 2021, and ends on June 30, 2021.

You will be required to regularly check our group project management system and communication space to stay in touch with NNSC, WBGO & Free Press staff, other resident-reporters and ensure any assigned tasks are completed. All required sessions will be virtually held via Zoom.

Please Note: Resident-reporters are required to attend 2-3 90-minute training sessions per week; outside of training sessions, resident-reporters will be asked to spend time based on their availability each week for any assignments, research, training sessions follow-up, etc. We are actively adhering to statewide COVID-19 guidelines.

To apply for our spring cohort, click here. For more information about our story lab or this project, visit www.newarkstories.com. Do you have questions about the project or collaboration or something else? Email brit@newarkstories.com or call ‪(862) 902-2751.