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NJ Community Organizer, Activist Announces Bid For US Senate


A longtime New Jersey community activist has announced his intentions to seek election to the United States Senate.

People’s Organization for Progress founder Larry Hamm is running for the seat currently held by US Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey.  

“This is clearly a David and Goliath situation," Hamm said.  "Mr. Booker has held political office for many years now.  He’s been a councilman, mayor, a senator, and he has the backing of the regular democratic party.  But I’m taking my backing from the ordinary citizens, from the people.”

Hamm served several years as an appointee to Newark’s school board but has never held public office.

“I’m not a millionaire.  I’m not a wealthy person.  I’m a regular working guy just like most of the other folks in this state," he said.  "I think we need new leadership.  Somebody to represent working folks, poor folks, and middle-class folks in this state.”

Hamm campaigns for U.S. Senate as Booker seeks the democratic presidential nomination.  A law signed by Governor Phil Murphy would allow Newark’s former Mayor to run for both seats at the same time.