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Green Party Make NJ Lt. Gov Pick

Ang Santos

Green Party candidate for Governor Seth Kaper-Dale says 3rd parties have a history of underperforming in elections, but in this case, he likes his chances against the Democrat and Republican choices.

“I only have to go up against two people and one of them is a Goldman Sachs poster boy, and the other is a Chris Christie poster girl.  We should be able to beat those two,” Kaper-Dale said.

Kaper-Dale picks television news personality Lisa Durden as the party’s choice for Lieutenant Governor.  Durden was the subject of controversy after losing her adjunct professor position at Essex County College following an appearance on Fox News.  Now she hopes to shake up New Jersey politics.

“Republican and Democrat they start to bleed together.  It’s all about the Green Party, we’re giving you an option, a third option.  You don’t ever have to complain again about having to vote for the lesser of two evils,” Durden said.

The Green Party is the second in the Governor’s race to pick a Lieutenant Governor.

“We need the lens through which Lisa Durden sees the world,” said Kaper-Dale.  “Could you imagine debates this fall, with Seth Kaper-Dale, pastor and activist going up against Goldman Sachs and Christie’s Lieutenant Governor?  Could you imagine debates with Lisa Durden going up against anyone the two corporate candidates might choose?  I’ve got to say to them, boo, hoo, hoo.”

Kaper-Dale says the Green Party is currently $300,000 in fund raising short of qualifying for the gubernatorial debate stage.

“The people who are watching those debates are going to be the people who tend to be blue and red.  To have somebody in there who’s actually speaking a real progressive message will shake them up.  If there’s any way we’re going to be able to take from that middle ground, from those who were already committed democrats or republicans, is going to be though that debate stage.”