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Playing Favorites: WBGO Evening Hosts Discuss Their Top Albums of 2018

Allan Harris performing songs from 'The Genius of Eddie Jefferson' at WBGO

Rob Crocker, Sheila Anderson and Nicole Sweeney discuss highlights of the past year. 

Nicole Sweeney, host, Evening Jazz

 "Spend the Day With You" by Michael Franks from The Music in My Head

"Michael Franks just has a sound and an energy about him that I always feel like I'm just relaxing no matter what I'm doing when Michael Franks comes on."

"Château d'eau" by Jeremy Pelt from Noir En Rouge - Live in Paris

"I've never been to Paris before, but every time I play this album, I'm right there looking at the Eiffel Tower. It's a lot of fun because you feel like you're right there in the front row."

"Hello Like Before" by José James from Lean On Me


"When it comes to artists redoing and paying tribute to another artist, especially vocalists, sometimes it can be a little hit or miss. Well José James hit this one out of the park. He really touched the spirit of Bill Withers."

"I'm Just Sayin'" by Kenny Barron from Concentric Circles 

"This year there were a lot of living legends making noise and letting us know that they're still here, and Kenny Barron is one of them. To hear him bring out something new just made my soul smile."

Rob Crocker, host, Saturday Evening Jazz and Sunday Afternoon Jazz   

"Circles on Black" by Josh Lawrence from Contrast

"It's got some really wonderful tunes, a fantastic band. The music is smokin'."

"A Day at the Beach" by Steve Kroon from In Your Dreams

"Whenever I choose this CD I get upset because there are so many great songs."

"Love Won't Let Me Wait" by Jerry Weldon from Those Were The Days


"He's got some pretty hip tunes, some great jazz classics. He's got Frank Sinatra's 'Strangers in the Night,' and he's got something from Major Harris."

Sheila Anderson, host, Weekend Jazz After Hours, Salon Sessions and Sunday Night Music Mix

"Jeanine" by Allan Harris from The Genius of Eddie Jefferson

"It's very, very hard, I think to do tribute albums to espcially singers, because Eddie Jefferson is the grandfather of vocalese. And Allan did a great job with 'Jeanine.' The way he's arranged that song just gives it a hipness and a freshness."

 "Garden of Sorrow" by Eric Reed from A Light in Darkness

Credit Wj3 Records

"My favorite track is an original tune of his, and it's a song that he wrote with Donny Hathaway in mind. It's just a powerful song that actually moves me to tears, and I just feel that he captured the spirit of Donny Hathaway." 

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