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Radar: Hear 'Four in One,' Another All-Star Affair by Heads Of State

Heads Of State CD Cover

With Four in One, its sophomore effort, Heads Of State puts its money where its mouth is. As the album’s title suggests, this is a band that presents a unified front even as it showcases the individual talents of pianist Larry Willis, bassist David Williams, saxophonist Gary Bartz and drummer Al Foster.

These four master musicians have made good use out of gigging together since Search For Peace, their 2015 debut. Along with the title track, by Thelonious Monk, the new album includes updated classics like Miles Davis’ “Sippin’ At Bells” and Eddie Harris’ “Freedom Jazz Dance.” Tunes by Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter and pianist John Lewis also get an inspired treatment, alongside originals that show off the expected depth.

Heads of State gathers to celebrate live at Smoke Jazz & Supper Club in New York City, March 17 to 19.

1) Four In One
2) And He Called Himself A Messenger
3) Dance Cadaverous
4) Moose The Mooche
5) Aloysius
6) The Day You Said Goodbye
7) Milestones
8) Keep The Master In Mind
9) Someone To Watch Over Me
10) Sippin' At Bells
11) Freedom Jazz Dance

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