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Now as ever, WBGO honors Women's History Month

courtesy of Dorthaan Kirk
WBGO's Dorthaan Kirk, far right, at a party with Abbey Lincoln, Nina Simone, Amina Baraka and Amiri Baraka.

March is Women's History Month, and WBGO honors the essential contributions of women throughout our music and in our own organization. Starting out in 1979, with a group of passionate individuals that included Dorthaan Kirk and Rhonda Hamilton, WBGO has always been committed to elevating and celebrating women in jazz.

To that end, watch this space for announcements about special content related to Women's History Month. We kicked off the month with this special edition of Take Five, featuring saxophonists Melissa Aldana and Julieta Eugenio, pianists Marta Sanchez and Lisa Ullén, and harpist Brandee Younger.

Melissa Aldana will also be the subject of a piece on WBGO News.

Jazz Night in America will shine a light on women this month, beginning with an episode about singer and songwriter Rene Marie.

Pat Prescott, the latest addition to our roster of announcers, begins her new show, Favorite Things, just as Women's History Month gets underway; tune in Monday through Friday, noon to 2 p.m. ET, or catch up with the archive on the show page.

On March 23 at 7p.m., Prescott will join a livestream panel discussion, hosted by Lezlie Harrison and featuring other women on the air at WBGO, about their experience in the music and in broadcasting. Stay tuned!