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We envision a world where Newark residents see themselves represented in the news and play an active role in shaping the narratives about the city where they live. Newark’s future is deeply intertwined with the stories told for, with, and about its people. In order to promote informed and engaged communities, this project creates journalism that centers lived and historical experience as part of supporting community-driven solutions, growth and development.News Voices seeks to elevate the untold and underreported stories of Newark, by listening to city residents, building deep relationships with them, and producing community-centered journalism. A collaborative initiative of WBGO and Free Press, News Voices is a year-long project led by a Newark resident working inside of the newsroom. Brit Harley, a resident of Newark’s South Ward, serves as a respected advocate and voice of the people, so their perspectives, experiences, and expertise are better reflected in news coverage of the city.

WBGO Launches News Gathering Mini-Grants Program


WBGO/Newark Public Radio is launching a fund for city residents, community groups, and organizations who are addressing COVID-19 and other issues impacting their community either as a direct result of the pandemic or are linked to and heightened by it. WBGO is committed to generating more community centered content. Material generated will be made available to grassroots media organizations, as well as to WBGO. Engagement is important to us because we understand that information is vital to serve communities like Newark, New Jersey. City residents, community groups, and organizations will have the opportunity to partner with us to amplify their programs and projects. The Fund will distribute support ranging from $250 to $500 for local coverage of the preparation, response, and impact of this global pandemic.



  • Eligible applicants include city residents, community groups, neighborhood associations, local organizations, writers, photographers, videographers, and audio journalists.
  • Serve communities of color (priority to Newark residents and organizations + projects that serve the greater Newark community)
  • Commitment to supporting local organizations and projects
  • Created project, initiative, OR campaign to address COVID19 impact and/or other issues impacting their community
  • Collecting/amplifying community stories (archives, storytelling projects)
  • Mutual aid project (COVID19 funds for community members, local small businesses, artists applicable)
  • Multimedia projects (photography, audio, visual, etc.)
  • Must be a resident, community group/organization, or block association located in Essex County.

Note: This mini-grant program will not consider grant applications for retroactive funding of projects already completed.


To Apply Click Here