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Simone Gordon's The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation holds its third annual Purple Diamond Awards on November 5

Simone Gordon runs The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation
InvisionPhoto/Erskine Isaac/Double XXposure Media Relations
Simone Gordon runs The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation

The New Jersey-based Black Fairy Godmother Foundation’s Third Annual Purple Diamond Awards is tonight (November 5) at 6pm at the Newark Museum of Art.

Simone Gordon is the founder and CEO of The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation, a non-profit organization that's committed to helping those make it through the tough times and find new success.

Gordon spoke with WBGO Journal and News Director Doug Doyle about her amazing story of success and her foundation that has reached families worldwide.

Simone Gordon, CEO of The Black Fairy Godmother, joins WBGO Journal host Doug Doyle
Doug Doyle/Zoom
Simone Gordon, CEO of The Black Fairy Godmother, joins WBGO Journal host Doug Doyle

A single mother raising an autistic son, Gordon created The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation after receiving assistance from a social media group made up of moms from across the country. As this group of mothers made sure Simone’s son received the necessary services for his well-being, they assisted Simone with her education. Gordon graduated from Essex County College last spring with a diploma in nursing and is currently enrolled at a university pursuing a higher degree. All of this while paying it forward to help marginalized communities in need via The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation.

"I went on to social media and started fundraising and helping people. Many celebrities, authors, yoga instructors, they all joined forces and helped me help others and that's how I got the name The Black Fairy Godmother. People were just chanting and housing people. "

The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation's mission is to restore Black and Brown families' stability by removing the barriers that keep them in poverty and domestic violence situations.

Simone Gordon is the Black Fairy Godmother
Double XXposure Media Relations
Simone Gordon is the Black Fairy Godmother

Gordon says she didn't have any idea that her plea for help would eventually result in a non-profit organization that is changing lives.

"That day I was in desperation. I thought somebody would give me a pamphlet or a phone number but I never knew that four women decided to take a chance on me. They were just strangers."

Simone admits it wasn't easy getting past the COVID-19 pandemic, but through hard work and dedication and the help of Double XXposure Media President and CEO Angelo Ellerbee, she was able to keep The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation going.

"He (Angelo Ellerbee) kept me going. He has changed the lives of many foundations, activists, artists, actors, you name it, He is from Newark and has a story where he came from where we come from, a poor inner city. He dances, he acts, he became a CEO of his own firm. He has done it all. So a lot of the youth in the Newark community look up to him."

Taking care of a 12-year old son, pursuing a higher degree and running The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation would be overwhelming for most, but Gordon says she's driven to help others.

"The secret is, honestly, spirituality. I'm a very spiritual person. By the end of the night, as long as I know someone is being housed or fed, it fills a void in my heart. So that's why I keep doing it. We do have 50 volunteers across America who help me out as well."

Gordon stresses her group is always looking for new partners and is looking for to another fundraising event on November 5.

The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation
Simone Gordon/The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation
The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation

This year's Purple Diamond Awards honorees are as follows:

Hall of Fame Award- Hon. Ras Baraka, Mayor of Newark

Diamond Award - Angelo Ellerbee, President and CEO Double XXposure Media

Circle of Honor Award - Jenise Fountain, founder of MARGINS - Women Helping Black Women

Difference Maker Award - Shaka Zulu, New Afrika Black Panther Party, Newark NJ Chapter

Visionary Award - Kate Barnhart, New Alternative LGBT Homeless Resource Center, NYC

The President’s Circle Award - Isaiah House (Zammeah Bivins-Gibson)

Culture of Resistance Award - Growing 4 Ward Organization (Carlos Walton)

Honoree In Memoriam: Living Our Values Award the late Mary E. Patterson (Former Essex/Orange County Councilwoman, 5th Ward)

The host for the Purple Diamond Awards is hip-hop veteran and activist Yo-Yo. The musical guests are Kenny Lattimore and Jeff Redd.

You can SEE the entire interview with Simone Gordon here.

Doug Doyle has been News Director at WBGO since 1998 and has taken his department to new heights in coverage and recognition. Doug and his staff have received more than 200 awards from organizations like PRNDI, AP, New York Association of Black Journalists, Garden State Association of Black Journalists and the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists.