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Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche's documentary "Get Smart With Money" is now on Netflix

Tiffany Aliche, known as "The Budgetnista" is out with a new Netflix documentary
Tiffany Aliche, known as "The Budgetnista" is out with a new Netflix documentary

On March 30, 2021, Tiffany Aliche released Get Good With Money. In the New York Times Bestseller, The Budgetnista shares a ten-step plan for finding peace, safety, and harmony with your money. Fast forward to September 6th, 2022, Aliche is back to show you in real time how it looks to put her teachings into action in the Netflix documentary, Get Smart With Money. The film showcases Tiffany and 3 other financial experts spending 12 months mentoring clients to improve their financial situations. After attending the screening of the documentary, I caught up with America’s favorite financial educator and she shared her experience of where she started to where she’s standing now.

Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche
The Budgetnista
Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche

Tiffany Aliche - It’s been long journey but then it feels like in a blink of an eye im here. Because I was born in Newark a literally just a few blocks from NJPAC. I'm here you know I'm here at NJPAC where I've seen Lauryn Hill perform, where I've gone to comedy shows, where I've seen some of the biggest in the industry and now here I am showcasing my Netflix documentary, get smart with money. And to be surrounded by family and friends and community. To see a sea of brown faces in this black city. I just it's just such a full circle moment and I just feel full of joy and gratefulness.

JF - As the film progresses, it's hard to not notice that all four clients had their fair share of issues but, money wasn’t their biggest problem.

TA - Well, we don’t really deal with the money at first you know so if I’m coaching you, we’re really going to attack mindset. I’m gonna try to figure out what is the common denominator for all of your choices. Maybe its I wanna do better by my kids, maybe its I wanna retire my parents, maybe its I want to go on vacation maybe its I wanna stop stressing and worrying so we make that the goal not the money

JF - I spoke with the film's producer Kristin Lazure about their approach to casting the film.

Kristin Lazure - You want everybody who's watching the film to be able to see themselves in some way. Right. So and to be able to, you know, really root for these people. You know, when we were casting an NFL player, we were like, is anybody going to empathize with the guy who got a $1.6 million check and then blew a lot of it. But I think ultimately you do. Like you definitely empathize with Teez. You're rooting for him. You want him to, you want him to make the team and you want him to get his finances together and you want him to like really start investing and putting this money away for his family.

JF - During the Q & A segment of the evening, a woman with jet black hair requested the microphone, and left the crowd in never-ending applause as she announced her purchase of 2,500 copies of Tiffany’s book!

TA - She represented the the Board of Education for here in Newark New Jersey. So they purchased 2,500 books for all Newark high school seniors.isn't that amazing? They're all getting good with money my New York times best selling book which is just tremendous. I'm just so grateful.

Stream Get Smart With Money on Netflix now.

For the WBGO Journal, I am James Frazier in Newark.