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WBGO Journal: The "New Normal" For Jazz Performance During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Brandee Younger
"What has turned out to be our new stage," wrote Brandee Younger as she posted this image.

With people being filled with anxiety, stress, depression and isolation, jazz musicians have been doing their part to try and bring "live" music to them via digital content and live streaming.

Nate Chinen
Credit Michael Lionstar
WBGO's Nate Chinen

Nate Chinen, WBGO's Director of Editorial Content, chats with News Director Doug Doyle about why music is so important during difficult times and how WBGO is also responding to the demand for digital content through the Livestream Hub from WBGO.

Click above to hear Nate's take on the new "norm" in jazz presentation.

A veteran jazz critic and award-winning author, Nate Chinen is editorial director at WBGO and a regular contributor to NPR Music.